Inksnation is not an investment company or a business centered organization but a community, just like Nigeria is a community who’s currency is Naira and USA; Dollar, Inksnation is a community (Digital) who’s currency is Pinkoin. 

The money you have ever paid into the community is a Registration fee and not an investment because there is no community or organization you will join in this world without a membership/registration fee.

Joining a coprative, you pay a non refundable registration fee.

Joining your profession organization, you will pay a non refundable registration fee.

Joining an institution, you will pay a non refundable registration fee.

So tell me which organization have you even seen people joining for free, therefore, paying #1,000, #10,000, #100,000 or #1,000,000 as a one time registration fee to become a member of the Digital community called Inksnation is not too much if only you understood the community before joining.

The Money the community promised is Pinkoin and if you log in to ur Account till next year, you will see the coin there, either you are able to convert it to your country currency or not, Inksnation had done it’s part.

The big issue is that most of us don’t understand what we are doing here. 

You just want to cashout till you buy house with InksNation money. 

When bitcoin emerged in 2008 how many exchangers did they have at the time?

I don’t blame the guy that sold 2000 btc for 2 pizzas. 

Bitcoin had no value then and it was the first crypto so there was no need keeping it. 

It took btc over 10 years to start having value. Some of you that just know btc, if they had offered you btc even for free 5 years ago you wouldn’t accept it.

Its bcos of its current value that you would kill for it. 

Pinkoin is not even up to a year and it has a value of over $11,000. 

It took btc over 10 years to achieve this.

Pinkoin has over 5000 exchangers in the first 9months if its inception. 

I’m not sure btc had up to 100 then

We are not even up to a month in payments and you are expecting everything to be rosy. 

Expecting everywhere to start using PKN

Expecting exchangers to have 1 million to pay you when you need it.  

You have seen free money 

So you want to take till you die.

So sorry, the promised money is a digital money call Pinkoin.

We are on a journey, our destination is to make Pinkoin acceptable for all transactions just like your fiat currency (Naira/Dollar) and at the beginning of every journey is always tough. Its not rosy at all. 

We are just getting started. This will last for a lifetime so why are you rushing to take and take and take and take. 

InksNation has already showed you that it is here to stay. 

Why don’t you help it actualize its goals. 

You primary focus is to help InksNation achieve mass adoption 

There are a lot of benefits that comes with mass adoption. 

So instead of being focused on withdrawing why don’t you shift that focus to bring in new living nodes. 

If InksNation can give you 4000 everyday what’s stopping her from paying you your missing allowance?

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