Hot update about new changes in Inksnation

Hot update from Inksnation

1.  The exchange of pinkoin to Naira from exchangers across Nigeria have been suspended/ stopped until September 13 , 2020, as a result of many exchangers don’t have enough money to pay you after spending on an exchange deal. 

Therefore, they have enough time to register new members from now to September 13 to start exchanging again. 

The exchange deal will close on Friday 25 September for another month to come to exchange again 

2. You will not be paid every day with 4k into your spendable balance again: you will only be paid every  Month 120k on Bronze, 180k on Silver, 240k, on Gold and 300k on Diamond. 

The payment will be made on every 12 days  of new month .

This happens due to withdraw, withdraw, withdraw, all the time without thinking the purpose of Inksnation to go cashless by leaving your pinkoin to grow bigger and get ready to buy of goods and servicee. 

Once we are cashless we don’t need to withdraw again.we will be using our pinkoin to buy goods and service from the people that accept pinkoin that Is why inksnatinon needs 18 million people to register for it to be perfect but now Inksnation has 2million people registered. 

Some people think Inksnation is all about withdrawing, no, it is all about going to cashless. You have to understand.

3. From September 13 to September 24 you can withdraw but next month October, you can only withdraw 10% of your 120k at once. The 10% of 120k is 12k on Bronze, 10% of 180k is 18k on silver, 10% of  240k is 24k and 10% of 300k is 30k.

What this means is that if you are on Bronze 1000, you will be paid 120k every month but you can not withdraw all, you will only be allowed to withdraw 12k as the 10% of 120k. 100 x 120=12k, and 12,000 – 120,000 = 110,000,therefore 110,000 will be moved to your DRCB balance and it becomes x3 I.e 3 x 110,000= 330,000 and this 330,000 will only be used to buy goods and service from merchants. You can buy and sell.  Same with silver, Gold, and Diamond.

4. As long as you can only withdraw 12k monthly from Bronze 120k, 18k  from 180k silver, 24k  from Gold and 30k from 300k diamond and the rest 110,000 for Bronze, 162,000 for silver, 216,000 for Gold, 270,000  all will be moved to DRCB balance to enable you to buy goods and services to encourage more merchant to accept so that we can go cashless and be freedom of equal wealth. 

5. Exchangers have more time from now to 12 September to register people into Inksnation and make enough money and be ready to exchange pinkoin to naira on September 13.

6. He said that most of us like to pay for the registration fee on Bronze 1000, and silver 10,000 and that of Gold 100k and Diamond 1million are not often. 

He said even if nobody buys Gold 100k and Diamond 1million is not worth that people join Inksnation is the most important thing that will make Inksnation grow and to go cashless 

7. He said the registration fee will increase to 3000 on September 12 at 12 am. He has been extending it because of the error 502 bad gateway as a result of the site server overload that is why the site is under maintenance now.

 I believe after the site upgrade everything will be back to normal and we may see the amazing thing that we were not told. Let’s learn to be patient. Inksnation is trying to help us with what the Nigeria Government can’t even do.

8. From this time you can take 20% of each person you bring to register under your exchanger. For example, if you bring one person to register with 1000, you take 200 and pay Exchanger 800. 200 is 20% of 1000. If it is silver 10k, you take 2k.  

Prepare to start your job by bringing people to me and get paid.

Note: I know how you feel about these new regulations but we need to learn to be patient and wait for for the list of merchants to come out so that you can buy what you want. 

Remember that the registration fee money goes to exchangers and then the exchangers pay you in return. It doesn’t go to UDI.  

UDI is trying to release the list of merchants and he is the one go is going to pay. Let’s pray for this thing to go well instead of complaining about what you don’t work for.  Thank you for understanding!


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