CMDX is a smartcurrency 4 healthcare. A crypto or digital currency like bitcoin.


CMDX Explained for Ordinary Man’s Understanding..

CMDX is a smartcurrency 4 healthcare. A crypto or digital currency like bitcoin. 

Powered by 

1. Blockchain Technology 

2. Artificial Intelligence 

3. Wearable technologies…

We are like a membership organization! Just as Uber is 4 transportation! Facebook 4 social sharing! Amazon 4 Online Shopping, CMDX is here to reward members 4 for living healthy lifestyle.  With our CMDXFIT we get rewarded for exercising & having good sleep wearing our device… U also get rewarded 4 giving ur health data that will b administered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Britney by name. We reward u too 4 sharing about us all over d world. Sharing is optional EVERYBODY wins once d value rises! But u earn $25 intant to Bank Account for any person u bring into our organization! Wow…. 

We have our own currency that we reward our members with… We call it CMDX coins, tokens or just take it as shares of our community. 

We have a Market Place for healthcare where u can use our cmdx tokens to buy healthcare products & services. Great… We call it Amazon 4 healthcare! New updates going on day by day… 

Good News! We trade on CMDXPro, BIRAKE & COINGECKO EXCHANGE. This is world market where u can buy or sell this cmdx tokens to credit ur Bank Account. We also use cmdx to register new members. We have created usability  and increasingly demand of d coins. It MUST rise in value with high speed very soon… 

If one bitcoin sells for  above $11,000 today! People bought it $0.008, One CMDX must sell for a dollar $1 tomorrow & make us billionaires… 

Blockchain Technology made it possible that d world can now transfer value/money from all part of d world without involving the Banks. Cos CMDX is powered by this technology the world is investing here from d comfort of their homes. Truly d value of d shares, tokens or coin of cmdx MUST rise to d moon like that of bitcoin or do better and faster….


Artificial Intelligence will handle 90% of our activities so that we can grow with d speed of light… Wow!!

Wearable Technologies! Is a new tech like wristwatch that gives & updates ur health data and get u paid 4 healthy activities like exercising & sleeping… Amazing!!!

*CMDX PACKAGES & REWARDS* with the current bitcoin rate of $450 per btc.


Cost: $50 

CMDX Reward: 250,000cmdx

Direct Bitcoin Bonus: 25%

Excersice/Resting Monthly Pay: Nil

Binary Bonus: Nil


Cost: $100 

CMDX Reward: 1,500,000cmdx

Direct Bitcoin Bonus: 35%

Excersice/Resting Pay: $25/month ($300/yr)

Binary Bonus: YES

Weekly Income Cap: $250

Note: ALL members must start from PRIME. 


Cost: $550 

 CMDX Reward: 5,500,000cmdx

Direct Bitcoin Bonus: 45%

Excersice/Resting Pay: $55/month ($660/yr)

Binary Bonus: YES 


Cost: $1,100 

CMDX Reward: 11,000,000cmdx

Direct Bitcoin Bonus: 55%

Excersice/Resting Pay: $110/month ($1,320/yr)

Binary Bonus: YES

Weekly Income Cap: $1,100


Cost: $3,300 

CMDX Reward: 33,000,000cmdx

Direct Bitcoin Bonus: 65%

Excersice/Resting Pay: $330/month ($3,960/yr)

Binary Bonus: YES


Cost: $5,500

CMDX Reward: 55,000,000cmdx

Direct Bitcoin Bonus: 75%

Excersice/Resting Pay: $550/month ($6,600/yr)

Binary Bonus: YES

*The % percentage u see is what you earn when any of ur team members buys packages!!! We call it subscription to Brittany!*

Example: If u er a Prime member and anybody u introduced to cmdx decides by Prime ($150) U make 35% of $150 = $52.5 same day. Platinum makes 75% of $150 = $112.5!!! Etc. 

NOTE: U can Excersise or sleep and make money wit CMDXFIT device only if u have any of these packages and the money u make depends on ur level.

Prime – $25/month = $300 a year

Bronze – $55/month = $660 a year

Silver – $110/month = $1320 a year

Gold – $330/month = $3960 a year

Platinum – $550/month = $6600 a year.

You MUST meet up with ur exercise and resting 30 points per month to qualify for these CMDXFIT PAYMENTS!!! 

*Live Healthy and be Wealthy!!!*

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