JAALifestyle offers three Global Lifestyle Transformation Program for its members

JAALifestyle offers three Global Lifestyle Transformation Program for its members:

· Free Future Shares Program
· Free Advertising Bonus Program, and
· Paid – Lifestyle Program.

The Future Shares and the Advertising you will receive bonus from your Level 1
Unlike the Referral Advertising Bonus which pay you only for the activities of your Level 1 members, the monthly lifestyle bonus, in the Lifestyle Program pays you as far down as 7 levels.

All and everyone registering now can earn without investing.
This is all made possible through JAALifestyle’s Cooperative Affiliate Business Model that generates Sustainable Passive Income Streams and opportunities and also by the agreement we made with an advertising company based in UK, US and Singapore. They are are selling local and worldwide marketing campaigns to small, medium and large companies all over the world

These benefits will all that are joining us here at JAALifestyle be granted with for free:
Benefits of Becoming a Free JAALifestyle Member. When you register for free:
1. JAALifestyle will gift you *50 EUR worth of Free Future Shares.
2. Our Advertising Partner will pay up to 1,000 EUR per annum every year as Advertising Bonus
3. You also receive Advertising Bonuses of up to 1,000 EUR per annum for every person whom you personally sign up for free under you.

Future Shares
Company Registration in UK, with Companies house
We are a UK company that will be listed on the UK stock exchange in coming months.

Our Head Office is in One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, UK.
There will be updates on the website within shortly of the addresses.

Going to the Stock exchange
All JAALifestyle members who want to start earning their Bonuses and receive their Shares must first complete their mandatory Personal Verification.

With the constant increase in JAALifestyle users and more people completing the Personal Verification, we are closer to having given all the FS away. Our goal is to reach as soon as possible.

When all Shares have been given away then we can take the next step.

The way we are entering the Stock Exchange is by buying an already listed company on the London Stock Exchange and merge JAALifestyle with this company. Then we will change the name of the listed company, plus some other obligatory changes. This is all handled by our legal team which has vast experience in these types of transactions.

Once we are listed, your shares will be tradable and listed as an asset.

For the Advertising Bonus Program:
You can earn a lot for free and you will benefit a lot from this opportunity although one person can only have one account and all the obligation that our Advertising Partner have must be fulfilled and that is natural: The only requirement our partners have, is that YOU must open YOUR ads to receive the payment from your ads, and from your referrals who open their ads.
This means if one person in the downline have many accounts that are not being used correctly then these accounts will not grant, give or justify any bonus or commissions to the person that sponsored

Yadda Ake Samun kuɗi da JaalifStile


The Personal Verification
All JAALifestyle members who want to start earning their Annual Advertising Bonuses and to receive their future Shares must do their mandatory Personal Verification Process.

All can complete their Personal Verification provided through our Verification partner Nordic Approval. You only need an official ID from your country to be verified.
You can now continue, and complete your Personal Verification process. Follow the Link in your JAALifestyle account, under “My Account” then, “Overview”.

It is simply a process that verifies you are a real person, and not a robot or fake profile.

The withdrawal process is not connected to the Personal Verification. All users need to conduct the Personal Verification process first.

Our Advertising Partner needs to know that you are a real person, because they are selling advertising from companies all over the world which are paying to send you good deals. They would not pay the price they are paying if they would not be sure you are a real person (which is the whole reason why you can make 1000EUR per year just by receiving advertising).

Once the 3 million members have completed their Personal Verification, then you are required to download and install our Advertising Partner’s App on your smartphone. If you do not have a smartphone you can login to your account on our Advertising Partner’s website using a computer to access their web-based Advertising App.

Then when you all have downloaded our Advertising partners app, then You will be earning bonuses by viewing advertising. And you will be receiving bonuses from your referrals if they have completed their verification’s and when they have opened and viewed their ads.

Then you are starting to earn your Bonuses and then you will have the possibility to withdraw these Bonuses and commissions. Your great opportunity has begun and your solution to a better life is opening.

Click here to Register

How do you get paid?

We have made an agreement with a company that will provide Debit cards to our members where you can receive all your commissions on, or you can transfer it to any bank account in your name.

Paid – Lifestyle Program.
Lifestyle Program – you can activate now

Here is the first month Activation fee is 30 EUR.
This is your choice if you activate. You will still receive the FS and the Advertising Bonus.

Although here with the Lifestyle Packages, there are an even greater potential to create earnings for yourself and your friends. Unlike the Referral Advertising Bonus which pay you only for the activities of your Level 1 members, the monthly lifestyle bonus pays you as far down as 7 levels.

The Lifestyle Packages is also connected to the Account Status seen in your account . When you have completed the activation of the packages then your Account status will become active.

When you choose the activation of the Lifestyle Packages, the commission possibilities are even greater. The activation of the Lifestyle Package is unique.
Especially if you are supporting your friends to do the same.

And here we have a separate commission and bonus plan from the FS and the Advertising campaign. You will see and read about the Commission’s plan in your account if you click on the top at “CALCULATOR” . There below you will see the bonuses earned in the Lifestyle Program.

From each month’s Lifestyle Bonus the company transfers 48 EUR from your income to your next month’s Magazine Lifestyle Package so that your monthly lifestyle becomes your main sustainable passive income stream. Each month you get 10 new magazines. 
Each month, as more and more people enter your 7 levels of personal network your monthly Lifestyle Bonus becomes your most lucrative passive stream.

As in your Advertising Bonus, you can receive your monthly Lifestyle Bonus via your local bank account or through an international debit card issued by JAALifestyle.
For more information contact us on Whatsapp https://wa.me/c/2348122225296

JAALifestyle Companies in the 8 Big Countries
As part of being a global company our legal team will over the next two weeks start the process of registering JAALifestyle in the 8 top countries where we have the most members.

These countries are: Bangladesh, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa and Mozambique.

These companies will have a local office with full time staff, to make sure our members are getting the best possible support and help. More information about this will be given as the process is moving ahead

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