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Thursday, October 29, 2020

What was UDI said at the close meeting about Merchants


What was UDI said at the close of meeting about Merchants

"As regards merchants, there will be a massive upgrade soon due to the international integration we are pursuing and that will push merchants and something's to next year February or thereabout.

There will also be a new Bank Card which can automatically deduct Pinkoin from your wallets while you get cash back, meaning the integration will have the capacity of exchanging Pinkoin to other currencies of the world, , in such that your monthly allowance can be withdrawn at once from any bank in Nigeria or Abroad.

You all need to know that, in your Pinkoin wallets, there is a tool called DRCB for those who are activated for August payment.

In DRCB, every Pinkoin sent there automatically becomes X 3, that's incase you don't know.

For November Babies, your DRCB will be active on December 12 and your expected allowances will drop from that day onward.

Now for instance, if you have 12k in your spendables balance and you transfer it to DRCB, automatically it becomes 36k.

The Beautiful part of it is that if you are to earn 120k on the 12th of December, automatically it becomes 360k in DRCB.

You will also receive 360k by, January 12th, February 12th respectively, that mean by March 12, every bronze owner will have #1,440,000 in their wallets which they can use to buy goods and services from all our merchants and also withdraw from any bank in Nigeria because by then, we would have completed the Integration of the local and the foreign Switzerland bank.

In view of this information, Inksnation website will pass through an upgrade from November till February and once it is done, We are all free to cash out in any bank. This break is for everybody, be you an end users or an exchanger.

More update to back or counter this up is coming, but be positive towards a better future ahead.

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