The newly appeared DeFi solution known as SmartKey provides unique opportunities for both businesses and investors

 The newly appeared DeFi solution known as SmartKey provides unique opportunities for both businesses and investors. Find out about the innovative ideas and pre-sale investment opportunities provided by the new project.

While the DeFi market itself is evolving at a rapid speed, it exists separately from the real world – there is no intermediary body allowing people to spend their fiat money on DeFi-based services. Currently, the majority of DeFi platforms have to be connected to exchange offices or centralized exchanges. This limits their functionality and benefits. Since 99.9% of DeFi projects run on smart contracts, a more advanced solution is required. 

A lot of prospective DeFi projects miss the opportunity to attract large audiences, since some conservative users don’t have the time or are unwilling to learn how crypto and blockchain works. Instead of making them overcome the steep learning curve, businesses can implement an automatic connector for digital services in the real world – that’s what SmartKey was created for. 

What Is SmartKey?

SmartKey is a unique platform that unifies Ethereum or Waves blockchain with real-world services, assets and businesses. It adapts any DeFi project by connecting some of its components (for example, smart contracts) to a platform.

SmartKey leverages integration at two major levels:

Digital integration. DeFi services can be implemented on websites, mobile apps and passive sensor systems.

P2P platforms. SmartKey enables DeFi service integration into platforms like Airbnb, HotDesk offices (by the hour) or various limited access zones. It can also be implemented in the car-sharing industry, enabling instant payments and zero-trust relations. 

SmartKey has developed proprietary open connectors that enable automation and a digital secure connection of DeFi smart contracts with external services. Thus, any business can reap benefits from this platform. 

Key To The Puzzle Economy

SmartKey promotes the so-called Puzzle Economy. This is a set of smart contracts, each being responsible for certain functions and features. Each Ethereum-based smart contract leverages certain patterns and capabilities. Currently, there are over 20,000 smart contracts based on Ethereum. They can be combined and customized to form unique DeFi projects that address the needs and requirements of particular businesses.


With SmartKey, businesses can streamline services and automate user interaction by implementing the best advancements of blockchain: distributed ledger, smart contracts, absence of censorship and intermediaries. 

How Exactly Is It Used?

Theoretically, SmartKey can be implemented by any business, whether they are online or brick-and-mortar. The platform is aimed at connecting the ‘Blockchain-of-things’ with DeFi projects based on Ethereum or Waves blockchain. 

The solutions from SmartKey would be particularly useful in cases where distant and contactless payments in cryptocurrency are required, no matter which type of service is concerned. For example, with SmartKey, property owners and rental companies would be able to add a new, advanced payment option and attract more customers.

SmartKey has already partnered with several brands, including KIA and Teltonika. They came up with innovative DeFi solutions for car access management and rental settlement, communication with devices, as well as car rental blockchain-based technologies. 

Invest In The Future

Undoubtedly, DeFi technologies will make a fuss once implemented in the real world – it’s only a question of time. SmartKey enables a flawless introduction of DeFi services into our lives and you could be a contributor to this process.

SmartKey is launching a pre-sale, during which investors can purchase SKey tokens with Ethereum. For 1 ETH, you can get 20,000 SKey tokens. According to the price rules on the official website, the cost of one SmartKey unit is 2 Cents at the rate of 1 ETH = 400 USD.

There are no minimum or maximum limits for participants – buy as much as you need.

In order to buy SmartKey Token, you need to:

Install MetaMask wallet or use another wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens.

Add the SmartKey Token address to your wallet to ensure that SKey tokens appear in the list of assets.

Send the desired amount of ETH to the SmartKey Exchange address.

Receive SKey tokens on your wallet. 

At first, SKey tokens will be used only on the SmartKey platform and will perform utilitary functions. It will be listed in 2020-2021 on major exchanges, including Uniswap, Probit and HotBit. Thus, it could significantly grow in price and be a great mid and long-term investment. With its significant potential being realized, SmartKey promises to become a real game-changer on the DeFi market, so SKey tokens are an asset you want to keep in your investment portfolio. 

Bottom Line

Decentralized Finance solutions offer even more value than we can imagine – they extend well beyond contactless crypto payments. SmartKey bridges the gap between real-world services and DeFi smart contracts, which renders limitless capabilities. It’s a very promising project, so is its SKey native token. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the pre-sale to support the team, become part of the DeFi global revolution and reap serious profits. 

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