Jaa LifeStile has extende the verification promo to end of November


We have had a great response and the personal verification (PV) numbers are heading in the right direction.  Many of our highly valued and motivated Lifestyle members have been collecting money from their downlines in numerous countries, and haven’t been able to make payment into a local bank account yet – nor have they been able to pay by card because of the local limits to their accounts.

 Once these companies and accounts are opened, the amount of personal verifications needed to launch the advertising program will dramatically decrease. As such, we will continue with our €10 promotion until 30 November 23:59 UK time

Highlights and Updates:

A local company and bank account have been registered in Malaysia 🇲🇾 This means our members from the country can start paying into a local bank account and depositing funds directly within the coming days. 

 JAA Lifestyle is in the process of replicating this in other territories, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated challenges this has taken longer than expected. 🕑 The good news is that the process is underway 

 Preparations are underway to get the registered company ready for listing on the London Stock Exchange. 📈 This is happening concurrently with the opening of companies and accounts in local territories, and although delays have been experienced here, these will not affect the listing of the company on the London Stock Exchange.

The claiming of the Future Shares (FS) will also be pushed back by two weeks to 30 November 2020 23:59 UK time. The challenges experienced in opening the new businesses and bank accounts in new territories means that there are Lifestyle members who will be coming onboard who haven’t had the opportunity to complete their Personal Verifications yet and we want to extend this opportunity to them. Remember you need to have completed your Personal Verification in order to claim your Future Shares

 There has been a great response to the JAA Lifestyle Crypto question – and as things stand it looks like research and development will get underway on our very own JAA Lifestyle cryptocurrency Just a reminder to everyone who hasn’t yet shown interest: research and development into this Crypto will only commence once we have interest from 50 000 members!

Remember that you will be gifted the same value of JAA Lifestyle Crypto as the value of each package you buy, plus 10% bonus in crypto per level in all 7 levels** You will see an overview of these numbers in the coming days.

 The dev team rolled out major overhauls to the Future Shares and Commissions last week. The team has been optimising performance and, along with the server infrastructure, should mean you will see reduced loading times and an improved user experience across the Lifestyle platform! 

Two issues were highlighted by diligent team captains with regards to the Future Shares allocations. 

We really value their time and effort to report this to us. As a result, more work is underway to rectify any problems, and we hope to have all Future Shares allocations finalised by early next week.

We are aware that some users were able to complete their bank details on Lifestyle for withdrawal purposes. This is part of the old system that shouldn’t have been accessible and we apologise for any inconvenience caused!  The development team are re-working this functionality for release soon.

We will keep users informed on our progress 

A special word of thanks to the team leaders who have been doing a great job onboarding people We have a lot of very positive, enthusiastic people who pay on behalf of others with their own bank cards We really appreciate this! We know these cards have limits which slows down the process, meaning they can’t onboard people as quickly as they may like. We appreciate all your efforts!

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