In a first collaboration of its kind in blockchain technology, Ferguson – one of the largest producers and distributors of consumer electronics smart home solutions, will implement the SmartKey DeFi Connector in its devices. 

Have you ever thought about having information about your car, apartment and entrance gate in one application? Now it is possible thanks to the combination of IoT technology with Ferguson devices. This world manufacturer and global leader in innovative solutions sells 300,000 devices annually connected to the network of SmartKey connectors. It is also a new application of the blockchain system for the Ethereum and Waves community.

Imagine this situation … You drive your car to the entrance gate to your house. But you forgot to take the gate remote. Everyone knows the finale: nerves and lost time. What if the gate opened by itself when you drive up to your house? It’s possible with SmartKey technology!

Because SmartKey is the missing puzzle that connects the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) with the world of physical assets. It is also the world’s first platform that allows you to combine physical value (Blockchain Of Things) with DeFi projects operating on the Ethereum and Waves blockchain. The system can be used with all devices that use innovative technologies.

The combination of the physical and virtual world is the future. Let it be proved by the fact that Ferguson – a global producer and distributor of consumer electronics and intelligent solutions – has become SmartKey’s partner. The company declared annual sales of its devices compatible with the blockchain system at the level of 300,000 pieces.

Ferguson will implement the SmartKey technology in all its SmartHome devices, which use intelligent solutions, fully configurable to the user’s needs, increasing comfort and automating their use. We are talking here, among others, about security systems, SmartEye cameras, Wi-Fi video intercoms, smart remote controls or E-mio electric scooters. All these devices will now be compatible with the blockchain system.

SmartKey is a revolution in the world of blockchain technology. This international project will allow the Ethereum community to create their own business models, i.e. Smart Contracts. The virtual connector allows you to connect your smart contracts to platforms such as Airbnb, car sharing or rental offices. But there can be more of these connections – your only limit is your imagination.

Oracles can be combined in any way (home, car, weather station, etc.). Moreover, these data sources enable connections from different manufacturers and companies. Just throw them to the blockchain platform. Impossible?

30 years ago, no one knew what the Internet would be for one day. And today, thanks to the Internet and millions of smartphone applications, hundreds of thousands of businesses and companies are created that have different ideas for combining anything. – The number of integrations of IoT devices with the Ethereum blockchain technology, thanks to SmartKey contracts, provide the possibility not only for new, innovative solutions in Ferguson’s products, but also open the way to creating new business models among the Ethereum community – says Szymon Fiedorowicz, CEO of the SmartKey project.

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