What is inksnation?


What is inksnation?

Answer: Inksnation is the name of a company in Nigeria, that invented the world’s First Blockchain for Human Asset Development, using the name iBSmartfy also known as the “InksLedger”.  Is also known as the World’s First Charitable Trust also a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). On the scheme or aim to eradicate poverty from any country, in less than 9 months, incentivising goodness, promoting love, and equal distribution of wealth.

(4) What is the vision of inksnation?

Answer: The Vision of Inksnation, is for Global poverty eradication and smart urbanization.

(5) Is pinkoin inferior to naira?

Answer:  No 

(6) Why are you in a hurry to exchange your pinkoin for naira?

Answer : I am in a hurry to exchange my Pinkoin to Naira . In other to take care of my expenses and go meet up to my needs.

(7) Does pinkoin appreciate in value?

Answer: Yes it does

(8) If you exchange it, will you able to buy it when we finally get to mass adoption?

Answer: No.

(9) When you start to exchange your pinkoin from August 12, what will you be spending when we get to mass adoption?

Answer: Naira

(10) is inksnation a community or  business?

Answer: Inksnation is a community.

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