Yadda za aci kasuwar Inksnation


7-DAYS NATION WIDE (End of the year) INKS MART* 


* What you need to know!* 

1. The market will hold concurrently in all the 774 local governments in Nigeria. 

2. It is going to be a digital market. This means that, no physical cash will be used in the market.  

3. It will run for seven days. 

4. Each state is grouped into seven zones. So, the market will hold a day in each zone. 

5. It will hold from 1 4th December, 2020 till 20th December, 2020 


*Who is invited?* 

1. All registered members of inksnation. 

2. Every well-meaning and law abiding citizens of Nigeria.  

3. Self claimed enemy of inksnation may also come. Inksnation don’t discriminate.  


*Requirements to participate in the Inks mart* 

To participate in the inks Mart,  

1. You must be duly registered  

2. You must hold your *PINKARD*.  


*Items likely to be sold in the market* 

1. Food stuff  

2. Live chickens and eggs 

3. Oils 

4. Beef 

5. Textiles 

6. Electronics 

7. Generating sets 

8. Cars 

*The venue will be announced in due course*

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